When your outbound conversions
are flagging

Zailab is the wind in your sales

Streamline your sales cycle

Outbound selling has changed. With shrinking ROIs and growing prospect apathy, it has never been harder for sales teams to close their deals. Cold-calling is not enough in an omnichannel world; you need to activate the right touchpoints at the right time – a situation compounded by the complexity of doing so at scale.

Scale your sales,

not your friction

To ramp up your conversions, it is critical to reduce cognitive load and optimize workflow. Zailab’s suite of omnichannel functionality empowers your team to select the most appropriate channel, while a preview dialer with feeds prospects to your representatives intelligently thanks to smart outbound routing.

Tighten up your

feedback loop

Zailab’s interaction history and conversation bundling provide the context your team needs to approach multi-interaction sales seamlessly. On-call spy and whisper let supervisors monitor and coach delicate calls; call recordings and integrated quality assurance features make sales postmortems superbly simple.


Single-View Omnichannel

Preview Dialer

Smart Outbound Routing

Call Recording

QA Appraisal

CRM Integration

Open API

Outbound Caller ID

Click to Dial

Detailed Reporting

Campaign Dashboard

Spy and Whisper

Scheduled Callbacks

Interaction History

Conversation Bundling

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