When every cent of your budget matters

Zailab is how you make it count

Optimize your operating expenditure

Contact centers are in constant flux: low seasons give way to high seasons, agents fall ill or go on leave, and unforeseen circumstances are an omnipresent factor. Flat licensing fees and strict contracts are a relic of surer days. Keeping your books trim in the face of so much variability requires a pricing model with unprecedented flexibility.

Pay only for the

features you use

Zailab’s consumption-based pricing allows you to scale your costs with your business needs and financial liquidity. There are no licensing fees; rather, your expenditure is established by the features you use and the extent to which you use them. This makes Zailab as suited for use as a failover solution as it is a primary platform.

Minimize your

business risk

Because Zailab has no contracts, you can opt out of using the platform at any time. And seeing that pricing is based on consumption, the solution is highly forgiving toward uncertain or periodic workforce utilization. Altogether this makes trialing and adopting Zailab a uniquely low-risk proposal, and one that poses few opportunity costs.

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