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Voice Interactions

Rent voice numbers on the platform, and make and receive phone calls.

SMS Interactions

Rent SMS numbers on the platform, and send and receive SMS messages.

Email Interactions

Send and receive emails with a rich-text editor and file attachments.

ACD / IVR / Workflow Automation

Set up sophisticated call-distribution mechanisms to help with routing.

Interaction-flow Designer

Use an intuitive interface to rapidly create your IVRs and interaction flows.

Callback Routing

Incorporate callbacks seamlessly into the platform’s smart-routing system.

Voicemail Routing

Forward your callers to a voicemail box so that they may leave a message.

VIP-caller Routing

Give your most important callers preferential routing treatment.

Omnichannel Routing

Automatically route interactions from any supported channel.

Preferred-agent Routing

Route known callers to the agents they spoke with previously.

Skills-based Routing

Route calls to agents based on the skills required to handle them.

Campaign Management

Import your lead lists to build automated outbound campaigns.

Click to Dial

Make it simple and error-free for agents to call large numbers of people.

Time-based Routing

Route calls differently after office hours or during public holidays.

Follow-up Reminders

Agents can set up calendar tasks to call people back at certain times.

Conference Calling

Establish a three-way call between the agent, the caller and another person.

Blind Transfers

Transfer callers to other members of the organization without consultation.

Warm Transfers

Transfer callers to other members of the organization with prior consultation.

Extension/PIN Dialing

Enable your callers to dial extensions or identify themselves via PIN.

Interaction Notes

Conversations can be annoted with important details for for later reference.

Call Forwarding

Forward callers to other extensions, external numbers and mobile phones.

Call Surveys

Keep track of customer sentiment toward your agents and organization.

Canned Responses

Set up message templates to speed up response times to common cases.

Disposition-code Customization

Set the disposition codes available to your agents during wrap-up.

Business Intelligence

Interactions Logs

Access a list of all the interactions entering and leaving your center.

Agent Reports

Delve into individual agent performance, and compare teams.

Waiting-room Reports

See waiting times, interaction volumes and other detailed data.

Prospect Reports

Get a view of the performance of your outbound campaigns over a given period.

QA Reports

See a report on the results of your quality-assurance deparment’s scoring.

Conversations Reports

Get a view of the status and outcomes of groups of related interactions.

Customer Sentiment Reports

See how your customers felt your service generally over a given period.

Live Waiting-room Dashboard

See a to-the-minute breakdown of the interactions entering your center.

Live Waiting-room Drill-downs

Dive as deep as you like into your live waiting-room dashboard data.

Spy on Call

Listen in on an agent’s call to ensure everything is proceeding correctly.

Whisper on Call

Consult with an agent or coach them privately while they are on a call.

Live Agent Overviews

Get a live view of your agents’ performance, behavior and status.

Daily Agent Stats

See how well your agents are performing at their tasks day to day.

Quality Assurance

Create quality assessments forms and assess agents based on calls.


Currently Available



Zoho CRM


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Webhook Integrations


360-degree Customer View

A single unified view of prior communications gives vital context.

Contact Management

Make it easy to add, delete and edit your organization’s contacts.


99.99% Uptime

We guarantee an extremely high level of service with regards uptime.

Remote Agents

Agents can use Zailab from anywhere with an internet connection.


Your data is safely and strongly encrypted both in transit and at rest.


Use Zailab secure in the knowledge of our level-1 PCI/GDPR compliance.

User Roles & Permissions

Restrict your users’ capabilities and security privileges to their roles.

Easy Setup & Scaling

Get up and running extremely quickly, and adapt fast to your changing needs.


Improve agent productivity and happiness with a beautiful, intuitive interface.



Pay for Zailab’s services in advance of using our contact-center platform..


Pay for your use of Zailab’s contact-center platform at the end of every month.

Balance Notifications

Receive notifications when your account balance is running low.

Usage Reports

See a detailed report of your system costs and feature usage.

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