Frequently Asked Questions

About the company

ZaiLab is a next-generation software company specializing in omnichannel contact center software based in the cloud. We create software for contact centers of all sizes, particularly small to medium contact centers looking for a cost-effective way to personalize routing, improve client conversations and increase efficiency. We are a two-time recipient of Frost and Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Leadership Award 2016 & 2017

ZaiLab sets out to make enterprise solutions available to even the smallest company. We also want to the change the conversation about contact centers, by using our cloud-based solution to create jobs and uplift communities.

How? Simple. With our software, you no longer need to base your contact center offshore. You can employ agents from your own country or any area you choose as well as home-based agents, creating employment opportunities for staff who are unable to travel to work, single parents, the disabled and even the retired.

A truly global company, ZaiLab’s head office is in Dublin, Ireland, while our development hub is located in Cape Town. Offices are being opened in Antwerp, Belgium to support the European market and we are in the process of opening offices in the USA to support the North American market.

ZaiLab is different in four unique ways.

1. Set up your contact center in minutes

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Adapts to changes in your business
  • Try it free for 14 days

2. Don't waste money on features you don’t use

  • Pricing is Consumption-based, so you are only charged for what you use
  • Risk free. No contracts or monthly fees
  • Opt out whenever you want

3. Prioritize most important interactions first

  • Our single waiting room routes interactions across all channels
  • Connect your clients to the right agents
  • Eliminate customer frustration

4. Software continuously improves through machine learning

  • The software is designed to learn and grow with your business
  • Pairs customers to agents based on past behaviour and outcomes.
  • Dynamically manage your interactions using AI

The software will be available in 53 countries worldwide in 2018.

Belgian-born software developer Nour Addine Ayyoub started his first software company in 1998. He developed the first version of his banking product himself which grew to become the biggest micro-lender software provider in South Africa. At its peak 70% of all personal loans were orginated and collected by this software. In 2007 he co-founded Old Mutual Finance which was a joint venture between Old Mutual, a global listed company specializing in insurance, investment and banking. In 2014, Ayyoub identified a need for native cloud contact center software that is easy to operate and Zailab was born.

Getting Started

Our current record is five minutes and forty seconds. That includes priming sites, skills and services; creating agent profiles; and even putting together an IVR. And you don’t need to be a certified engineer to do it. We’ve put all the work into ensuring you don’t have to. Should you need extra assistance, our support team is on hand to help.

ZaiLab’s software is suitable for any size business wanting to cut communicating costs and have a full stack communicating tool to manage their contact center.

Visit our home page or YouTube channel to view our client testimonials.

You can try ZaiLab’s software free for 14 days. If you like what you see, you can upgrade free of charge. We charge you only when you use our software for tasks that have clear value. If you don’t use it, you pay nothing at all.

Yes, ZaiLab is scalable to any size business and is flexible to your individual needs. Our solution is agile, so when your business changes, it pivots to meet those changes without fuss.

You need a good internet connection, a headset if you use voice and a computer.

Currently ZaiLab only supports Chrome.


We are the first company globally to offer a true consumption-based pricing model. You pay only for what you use and not a single cent more. There are no upfront costs, licensing fees or contracts.

Visit our ZaiLab pricing table here.

Our prices exclude taxes.

No, at ZaiLab there are no minimum consumption limits. If you don’t use it, you pay nothing at all.



Minimum Specifications
Intel i5 processor
4GB memory
40GB storage
1366×768 monitor

Recommended Specifications
Intel i7 processor
8GB memory
40GB storage
Dual 1920×1080 touch monitors
Noise-cancellation headset


Chrome Browser

With an on-premises solution, capital expenditure must be taken into account as well as face-in, face-out, maintenance and upgrade costs. With ZaiLab, you only need an internet connection to make and receive calls.

The single waiting room enables your customers to be routed based on importance or urgency. Our optimization algorithm prioritizes interactions according to business value, SLA, customer importance and many other factors. As a result, the most critical interactions shoot to the front every time.

The ZaiPhone is a reliable webphone, suitable for daily use, that has been quality tested for clarity and reliable voice.

With ZaiLab’s software you can record and retrieve call recordings.


ZaiLab does not store any credit card/banking information on its platform. We make use of paygate and stripe payment gateways, which means that your details are 100% safe.

The ZaiLab suite of application services is based on a distributed cloud architecture built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers which are HIPAA compliant.

English with more languages to come.


Our support agents are available 24/7 via webchat, at no extra cost to you.

ZaiLab has extensive reporting available on the team leader and QA manager dashboards.