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Our Story

Zailab is a next-generation cloud-based contact center platform. We create a solution for businesses of all sizes, particularly SMB teams looking for a cost-effective way to personalize routing, improve customer interactions and increase efficiency.

Zailab is changing the way you set up, handle and pay for your conversations.

Our platform is quick and easy to set up and optimize as needed. With the use of AI, Zailab is able to route and prioritize interactions from any channel, any time.

Zailab’s consumption-based model empowers you to pay only for the features you use, as you use them – no monthly licensing fees and no upfront costs.

It’s time to start having more rewarding conversations.

Meet the Makers of Zailab

Nour Addine Ayyoub

CEO and Founder

Nour Addine Ayyoub is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. A technophile from the first – Nour Addine taught himself programming as a child – he built a piece of software that dominated unsecured lending in South Africa. He started Zailab with the certainty that he could do the same for contact centers.

Ahmed Omarjee

Chief Technology Officer

With nearly two decades of experience, Ahmed is a veteran of the software world. He joined Zailab following a successful stretch consulting in the fields of banking, insurance, healthcare and trading. Ahmed has the rare ability to pull large, diverse teams toward a complex common cause.

Catherine Collins

Chief Product Officer

Catherine is a neuroscientist and business analyst extraordinaire. Having followed Nour Addine from Old Mutual Finance, Catherine is responsible for Zailab’s product direction at the highest level. Her rigorous approach and ability to balance a sprawling backlog are truly extraordinary.

Ed Salay

Chief Financial Officer

Ed has over 20 years finance and operations experience, including Ford Motor, Polycom, and Applied Biosystems. He later served as CFO at several startups, and most recently at Jobscience which was acquired by Bullhorn in 2018. His experience in fundraising and managing growth is instrumental in helping implement Zailab's entry into North America.

Roelf Mulder

Director, Industrial Design

Zailab acquired XYZ Design in 2015, and in the process won itself a globally celebrated industrial designer. Roelf has spent 40 years amassing a spectacular portfolio of achievements – some of which have been exhibited by MoMA. He and his team are responsible for Zailab’s remarkable DNA.

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