When your dream BPO is
still an idea

Zailab is how you make it real

Maximize your chances of success

Starting a BPO has the potential to be extremely lucrative but it is an incredibly complex and demanding endeavor, rife with pitfalls. There is zero room for error. With Zailab’s turnkey services, you can put your faith in a team with a proven track record in every aspect of setting up a contact center in the modern world.

Start at your

own pace

Zailab’s cloud-based platform can be set up with extreme rapidity on minimal infrastructure even remotely. All you need is a sufficiently fast Internet connection. That means you can get started quickly, and with very little capital. Our experts can set you up, advise you on best practices, and even put you in touch with potential clients.

Grow into

something great

Zailab’s award-winning industrial design team has developed a wide array of hardware solutions for every use case in the contact center world. Whether you’re looking for a full-featured agent hub, a next-generation wallboard or a customer-facing kiosk with biometric capabilities, our team can bring it to life.


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Cutting-edge Hardware

24-hour Support

Rapid Team Onboarding

Consumption-based Pricing

Client Incubation

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