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Built To Solve 6 Common Problems

1. Limited Access

The problem:
Sophisticated contact center solutions often entail extremely high costs and onerous license agreements.

Our solution:
A true usage-based system means you only pay for the features you use, when you use them. There are no monthly licence fees.


2. Complicated Setup

The problem:
Enterprise-size contact center solutions traditionally require a dedicated technician to set up and maintain.

Our solution:
Using wizards and simple drag-and-drop interfaces, it’s possible even for untrained staff to set up a whole contact centre.

3. No Context for Agents

The problem:
Without context, your agents can’t work efficiently, pivot between channels or generate rapport with your customers.

Our solution:
We put everything your agents need – the customer’s details, conversation history and journey through the system – in one place.


4. Queues Can't Prioritize

The problem:
Queues don’t allow for urgency to be calculated holistically, and skills-based routing doesn’t take enough into account.

Our solution:
A universal waiting room considers all work together, while our optimized routing algorithm considers multiple factors, such as how important one interaction is above another, to ensure best agent fit.

5. Not Enough Insight

The problem:
Team leaders and operations managers don’t know enough about what’s happening on the ground.

Our solution:
Real-time dashboards and detailed reports help you drill deeply and quickly into your contact center’s operations.


6. No Integration

The problem:
Running a contact center often requires slapping together multiple tools. This harms productivity and makes reporting difficult.

Our solution:
Our software offers QA, call recording and other tools – making it a total, integrated solution.


Here you will find everything about the technical
requirements to use our ZaiLab software.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Specifications
  • Intel i5 processor
  • 4GB memory
  • 40GB storage
  • 1366×768 monitor
  • Headset
Recommended Specifications
  • Intel i7 processor
  • 8GB memory
  • 40GB storage
  • Dual 1920×1080 touch monitors
  • Noise-cancellation headset

Software Requirements

Minimum Requirements
  • Chrome Browser
Optional Requirements
  • Software SIP phone

Network Requirements

Minimum Specifications
  • High quality cable line with dedicated bandwidth
  • 0.5Mbps symmetrical bandwidth (simultaneous upload and download) per agent
  • 1Mbps additional bandwidth per 18 concurrent calls
Recommended Specifications
  • Fibre line with dedicated bandwidth
  • Wired network connection (as opposed to Wi-Fi)
  • 1Mbps additional bandwidth per 14 concurrent calls.


Prioritise Bandwidth Usage

Try to minimize network-intensive applications during work hours. Things like Internet radio and video streaming will compete for bandwidth and could cause issues with call quality. Enforce quality-of-service policies to prioritize bandwidth, especially for audio.

Close Unused Apps

Close unused desktop apps that might compete for CPU cycles.

Check Firewall Settings

Be aware of your organization’s firewall policies; very restrictive firewalls may require additional setup.

Watch a Demo

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Our Pricing

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