The ZaiLab industrial design team have created custom devices to equip your contact center, including the ZaiKiosk, a brand new channel into your contact center.


The ZaiAgent is an immersive workspace for agents. It allows agents to serve customers from a central location through the use of video calling technology.



The ZaiKiosk allows the customer to speak to an expert via video call and is fully fitted with biometric scanners for identity verification and transactional purposes.



The ZaiConsole serves as a team leader dashboard for call center managers that provides a detailed, real-time summary of call center statistics and agent performance.



An immersive work environment for agents.


Dual Work Screens

Enables agents to manage customer queries on one screen, while accessing a CRM system on the second screen.

Adjustable Work Height

Agents can easily change the working height of the pod electronically. This enables them to work while in a seated or a standing position.

Lights show agent status

Floor managers get visual confirmation of agents that are 'on call', 'available' or 'away' at any given time, just by glancing at the pods on the floor.

Green Screen

Allows the software to replace the agent's background scene to be in line with the organization's corporate identity.

Directional Microphone

Eliminates background noise and enables the agent to speak to the client without having to wear a headset.

Built-in Speakers

Allows the agent to hear the customer while on call.


A transactional self-help kiosk for branch customers.


Agent Screen

Displays the appropriate branded background for the agent while they are on call with a customer.


Enables the agent to see the customer while dealing with their query.

Directional Microphone

Eliminates background noise so that the agent can hear the customer while on call.

Built-in Speakers

Allows the customer to hear the agent while on call.

Document Scanner

Allows the agent to receive copies of transactional documents (i.e ID, Proof of address, etc) from the customer.

Fingerprint Scanner

Scans the customer's fingerprints for biometric verification.


Real-time tool for pre-emptive contact center management.


55 Inch Touch Display

Shows a summary of all agent actions and allows for easy navigation.

Multiple User Positions

Allows for single or multiple users to use the console in various display positions, including flat, slanted and upright.

Easy position change

Display positions can be changed at the push of a button.

Castor wheels

Allows for the console to be moved around while in use.

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